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PostSubject: absences   absences EmptyFri Jan 27, 2012 1:00 am

Hi CSR, many are wondering why i have not been on muchand asking where i am
The reason is because im atmy grandads for a weeks and have limited time on pc/netbook to be able to play on server as im out alout with family and also got a few problems to try and sort out, i am sorry i have be unable to tell you all before but i will be back at home within 12 days so if you can all take this in to conderation and bare with me as i am on holiday, so if you need me at any point pm me on tc or csr i will reply asap
hope to see you all soon on servers and sorry for me being away i just needed a time out for abit and needed to get real life sorted
i will be back on servers from wednesday and hope you can all see why i aint been on much


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PostSubject: Re: absences   absences EmptyFri Jan 27, 2012 5:02 am

hey tom, thanks for letting us know.
however you should know that you should've posted before leaving and in the proper section, which is http://teamcsr.forumotion.com/t2-leave-of-absence-loa.

i will close this one, so no-one else will make the same mistake

Denniz aka Ganjaman
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